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About the Book Club

My Body, My Book Club aims to connect people and create communities. We read fiction books (with the odd memoir here and there too) that deal with different aspects of how we understand bodily autonomy and exemplify how we can get involved and support each other.

Issues such as gender-based violence, racism, homelessness, displacement, abortion, obstetric violence, and the rights of marginalised communities, like the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ groups, are just some of the topics we cover.

All opinions expressed during book club meetings are those of individuals and do not necessarily reflect those of My Body, My Book Club or the charities it supports.

How it Works

We know this is heavy stuff, but the book club hopes to foster empathy as well as raise awareness and question established narratives. Our main goal is to connect communities. So, for each session, we partner with a charity working with the subject we will be reading about in the novel, and we invite an expert on the topic to join our chat. (Also, all proceeds from the sale of tickets will be donated to the month’s charity.)

Too Busy to Read the Book?

We understand that people are busy and life happens – so please do join us even if you don’t manage to finish the book in time. We will also always provide other ways in which you can get involved and learn more about the subject in the "Next Book" section, whether it’s through a video or a blog post.

About the Host

julia martins profile picture

Dr Julia Martins is a historian of the body, an activist, and an unapologetic bookworm. She is an Activism Outreach Supporter with The Vavengers, a member of the Charity Committee of the FGM Education Project, and an editor at the Feminist Perspectives Collective.

She writes about gender history and history of medicine, and how history can inform contemporary feminism.

You can check out her YouTube channel Living History and her website, and follow her on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

My Body, My Book Club was launched as part of her involvement in the Abortion Rights UK Activist Bootcamp.


Next book

Trans-Crip-t by Ash Bainbridge

Trans-Crip-T Cover

Poet and Healthcare Activist Ash Bainbridge presents Trans-crip-t – an evocative and experimental collection of poetry that explores the nature of gynaecological care within the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

Brutally honest and jarringly open, the works in these pages encourage us to reflect on how people who menstruate are treated in a medical complex designed and funded by a patriarchal government, and how the sometimes-endless medication, treatment and pain is managed when navigating a system that still has a long way to go when it comes to trans healthcare.

Also enclosed are suggestions for symptom tracking and self-advocacy. Just in case.

We encourage everyone to borrow books from their local library, but if you plan on buying a copy, please do so through here. (All proceeds will go to the charity of the month.)


    In August, we're featuring GINA, which supports infant breastfeeding in Gaza.

    About our Guest


    Ash Bainbridge (they/he) is a poet, student midwife, and passionate advocate for inclusivity in healthcare. Ash's work, both in poetry and midwifery, revolves around creating safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly in the perinatal period.

    Their poetry explores themes of gender identity, parenthood, and the complexities of living beyond the gender binary. Ash's unique perspective as a parent informs their creative work, making it both deeply personal and universally resonant.

    In addition to their literary accomplishments, Ash was named Student Midwife of the Year in 2024 by the Student Nursing Times Awards, recognized for their outstanding contributions to improving inclusivity and equity in maternity care. Their work extends beyond poetry, with significant contributions to policy, education, and gender inclusion training for healthcare professionals across the UK.

    Ash continues to advocate for better healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals, ensuring that trans and non-binary perspectives are included at all levels of healthcare policy and practice.

    GINA the Gaza Infant Nutrition Alliance, supports infant breastfeeding in Gaza. They work with Gazan mothers, doctors, midwives, and nurses to provide expert breastfeeding support amidst ongoing conflict.


    Trans-Crip-t by Ash Bainbridge

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